It’s All About The Customer

  • We are passionate about delivering products and services that excite our customers
  • We create loyal customers by providing a great customer experience
  • We listen to them and consider their needs in everything we do

Winning Together

  • Collaboration creates better outcomes
  • We play for the team more than we play for ourselves; we root for each other
  • Diversity is valued and sought after
  • We hold ourselves and each other accountable for driving results
  • We believe in and value our people; we attract and develop top people

Continuous Improvement Creates Competitive Advantage

  • We are always focused on getting better
  • Improvement starts with the customer
  • Strategic Deployment Process (SDP) and Lean drive breakthroughs
  • Failures are embraced as opportunities to learn
  • Growth requires driving change

Be Better and Be Different

  • Innovation fuels our growth
  • Customer intimacy drives innovation
  • We are not afraid to try something new
  • We deliver technologies that matter

Do the Right Thing; Do Things Right

  • We act with uncompromising integrity
  • We are committed to excellence, quality and regulatory compliance

We Are Genuine

  • Humility and self-awareness
  • Transparent, direct, and open communication
  • We treat each other with respect at all times
  • We confront and resolve conflict
  • Diversity of opinions drives better outcomes
  • It is okay to disagree and debate; we then decide and move forward together

Keep Work Fun

  • We enjoy what we do, and we do not take ourselves too seriously
  • Working hard and having fun are not mutually exclusive
  • Success depends on finding balance: stretch not strain
  • We celebrate our achievements