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A Brighter Vision for Single-use Bronchoscopy
in the ICU

BFlex Single-use Bronchoscopes

Brilliant Visualization. Proven Suction. Exceptional Manueverability.
High-quality visualization, a large working channel with BFlex 5.8 to handle challenging secretions, and workflow improvements help make bedside bronchoscopies more efficient than ever.

The Total Airway Solution
Bronchoscopy + Video Laryngoscopy in One System

GlideScope® with BFlex™ delivers brilliant, dual bronchoscopy and video laryngoscopy imaging for difficult airway management. Now you have more options to manage routine procedures and respond to emergent situations quickly and confidently.

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Compare Costs

Analyze the operating costs of single-use bronchoscopes versus reusable bronchoscopes in four easy steps.

Overcoming Staff Burnout in the ICU

COVID has put a strain on hospitals, causing staff burnout and shortages; single-use devices is one possible solution to address these issues.

Helpful Information

Bronchoscope Accessibility in the ICU
J Bronchology Interv Pulmonol., 2017

Median interval between identification of the need-to-start of the procedure was shorter with single-use disposable bronchoscope (10 minutes) versus conventional bronchoscope (66 minutes).

Clinical Publication

Multimodal Airway Management: Combining Advanced Airway Techniques Can Be Better
Anesthesiology News, 2016

Combining devices such as a video laryngoscope and a flexible fiberscope can be complementary and prove critical in a situation where each might fail when deployed alone.

Clinical Publication