Verathon Bflex single-use bronchoscopes Verathon Bflex single-use bronchoscopes

BFlex Single-use Bronchoscopes

BFlex™ single-use bronchoscopes offer brilliant visualization, proven suction and exceptional maneuverability.

BFlex Bronchoscopes
Proven Performance

    Proven Clinical Performance

    Designed for a Range of Procedures

    Available in four sizes from 2.8 mm to 5.8 mm to support a range of procedures and patients, from pediatric to adult.

    Brilliant Visualization

    Brilliant Visualization

    BFlex single-use bronchoscopes leverage the latest technology introduced by GlideScope to deliver brilliant visualization; giving you the insights you need.

    Proven Suction

    Proven Suction

    Largest working channel in a 5.8 mm bronchoscope to handle challenging secretions.

    Exceptional Maneuverability

    Exceptional Maneuverability

    With a reinforced insertion tube, BFlex offers exceptional maneuverability for ideal control in difficult cases.

    Single-use without a Single Doubt

    Accessible. Sterile. Reduced Costs.

    • Easy to setup and intuitive to use

    • Single-use eliminates the risk of cross-contamination due to ineffective reprocessing

    • Reduce costs by eliminating reprocessing, expensive repairs, and service contracts associated with reusable bronchoscopes

    The Next Generation BFlex 2

    • Better suction than the other leading single-use bronchoscope, even when articulated1
    • 30% better articulation to help reach smaller parts of the lungs2

    • Holder for easy access during cases

    • Protective sleeve to keep your scope and workplace clean

    • Brilliant image quality

    Only available in select markets.

    The First Generation BFlex

    BFlex is designed with brilliant image quality and maneuverability for bronchoscopy procedures.

    Product Comparison

    Compare the two generations of BFlex bronchoscopes.

    BFlex 2

    BFlex 2
    Only available in select markets.

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    Brilliant Visualization

    Compatible with GlideScope Core Workstation

    ET Tube Retainer

    BFlex Holder4

    Enhanced Suction Design

    Redesigned Suction Port

    30% More Articulation2

    BFlex Protective Sleeve

    Kink Prevention

    4 Misconceptions about the Environmental Impact of Single-use Bronchoscopes

    With over 5 million tons of medical waste being disposed of annually3, we’re very aware of the impact single-use medical devices can have on our environment.

    But did you know there is more to the story? See the 4 misconceptions about the potential environmental impact of single-use bronchoscopes.

    Bringing It All Together

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