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Cleaning and Disinfection
Meeting the New Realities
of Infection Control

CAUTI is largely preventable. Effective use of bladder scanner technology reduces unnecessary catheterization by nearly 50%1, lowering the risk of infection. Successful CAUTI reduction initiatives depend on broad use and adoption by patient care staff of reliable and dependable bladder scan technology. Today’s modern and harsher chemicals might accelerate the wear of medical equipment and call for change in product material choices as well as designs enabling fast and effective disinfection without the risk of premature device failure.

Cauti Management Resource
Managing Urinary Retention in the Acute Care Environment 

A comprehensive guide to safe patient care through the application of non-invasive bladder management. This guide was written to provide clinicians with medical information on managing patients with urinary retention or incomplete bladder emptying, with emphasis on post-operative urinary retention and the use of non-invasive bladder volume monitoring.



BladderScan i10

BladderScan i10 is designed to meet the new realities of infection control; our custom-blended medical grade materials are built to withstand fast-kill disinfectants, and the rugged, fully-sealed IPX4 probe with drip resistant IPX2 console ensure your precision electronics are protected.

BladderScan® Prime Plus

Groundbreaking accuracy, durable and portable industrial design. Powered by ImageSense®.

Bladderscan® BVI 6100

Accurate and non-invasive bladder volume measurement with a handheld 3D Ultrasound bladder scanner.

Why BladderScan by Verathon
A Partnership with Verathon Goes Beyond the Device

Verathon® pioneered automated bladder volume measurement and our BladderScan systems continue to lead the industry. Reduce the risk of infections, save time and reduce costs with the BladderScan system that’s right for you.


A partnership with Verathon goes beyond the device itself — we deliver a comprehensive range of services tailored to your needs, giving you the power to maximize BladderScan usage, minimize your cost of ownership, and improve patient care.

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The Right Bladder Scanner
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BladderScan education and training
Education & Training

It takes more than a great device to improve patient care. You also need the know-how that enables you to fully integrate the device into your practice.

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BadderScan service and support
Service & Support

Our dedicated team is committed to helping you manage your investment over the lifespan of the device and beyond.

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