GlideScope Video Monitor

Simplicity and reliability in a trusted legacy of monitor design. Compatible with a wide range of single-use and reusable video laryngoscopes.
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GlideScope video monitor and vl blade

GlideScope Video Monitor

GlideScope Video Monitor

Flexibility in a Compact Design

The GlideScope® Video Monitor delivers a consistently clear, real-time view of the airway, and enables access to an extensive portfolio of tools for video laryngoscopy and bronchoscopy.

GlideScope® Spectrum™ single-use blades


Compatible with a broad range of video laryngoscopes and single-use bronchoscopes.

GlideScope intubation illustration


The compact footprint of the 6.4” monitor makes it easy to transport, store and use in crowded spaces.

GlideScope video monitor control panel


A soft-key control panel enables quick access to recording and snapshots with the touch of a button1.

Product Highlights

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Simplicity and Flexibility

The GlideScope Video Monitor can be combined with a wide range of reusable and single-use video laryngoscope options. Choose the system best suited to your clinical needs.

Glidescope avl single-use system

Glidescope AVL® Single-use System

Utilize two reusable video baton options to give you 6 single-use blade sizes to cover a wide range of patients.

GlideScope Spectrum™ single-use system

GlideScope Spectrum Single-use System

Access an extensive portfolio of single-use video laryngoscopes available in 9 sizes and types including hyperangulated, Mac, and Miller styles.

GlideScope Titanium reusable system

GlideScope Titanium Reusable System

Choose from 5 hyperangulated and direct style video laryngoscopes that offer lightweight and durable titanium construction.

Bringing It All Together

GlideScope Spectrum Single-use

GlideScope Spectrum Single-use

GlideScope Spectrum single-use video laryngoscopes combine low-profile blades with the latest advancements in lighting and camera technology.

GlideScope Titanium Reusable

GlideScope Titanium Reusable

GlideScope Titanium video laryngoscopes combine lightweight and durable titanium construction with low-profile blades with innovative anti-fog technology.

BFlex™ 2 Single-use Bronchoscopes

BFlex 2 Single-use Bronchoscopes

BFlex 2 is a single-use bronchoscope designed with powerful suction, responsive maneuverability, and improved workflow.

Helpful Information

Comparison of Video Laryngoscopy Versus Direct Laryngoscopy during Urgent Endotracheal Intubation: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Critical Care Medicine, 2015

Conclusions from this study: “GlideScope video laryngoscopy improves the first-attempt success rate during urgent endotracheal intubation performed by pulmonary and critical care medicine fellows when compared with direct laryngoscopy."

Clinical Publication

The Efficacy of Glidescope® Videolaryngoscopy Compared with Direct Laryngoscopy in Children Who Are Difficult to Intubate: An Analysis from the Paediatric Difficult Intubation Registry
Respiration and the Airway, 2017

One of the conclusions from this study: “During difficult tracheal intubation in children, direct laryngoscopy is an overly used technique with a low chance of success. GlideScope use was associated with a higher chance of success with no increased risk of complications."

Clinical Publication