Bronchoscope Cost Calculator

Compare operating costs of single-use bronchoscopes to reusable bronchoscopes in four easy steps.

Results are estimated based on annual procedure volume, quantity of reusable bronchoscopes, and common costs associated with reprocessing, repair and maintenance, and preventable infections.

Advantages of Single-use Bronchoscopes

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Current bronchoscope usage

Indicate your hospital’s volume of annual bronchoscopy procedures and current costs. We’ll use this data as the basis for your results.

Please enter the name of your facility.
This value must be less than or equal to the total annual bronchoscopy procedures.
Include billable bronchoscopies, as well as other procedures that utilize a bronchoscope (bronchoscopy-assisted intubations, double-lumen tube placements, etc.)
This value must be less than or equal to the total annual bronchoscopy procedures.
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Repair and maintenance

Indicate how many reusable bronchoscopes your hospital currently uses, plus costs for repairs and annual service agreements.

If annual out-of-pocket repair costs aren’t readily available, that’s OK. We’ve included a range based on published cost analyses.

Gupta, D., et al. “Cost-effectiveness analysis of flexible optical scopes for tracheal intubation: a descriptive comparative study of reusable and single-use scopes.” J Clin Anesth. 2011; 23(8): 632-635

Liu, S., et al. “Cost Identification Analysis of Anesthesia Fiberscope Use for Tracheal Intubation.” J Anesth Clin Res 2012, 3:5.

Cost of repairs per use can range from $53 (low) to $148 (high). Annual out-of-pocket repair costs equal the cost of repairs per use multiplied by total annual procedures.
$159,000 annual out-of-pocket repair costs

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Hidden reprocessing costs


Based on the total number of reusable bronchoscopes, your annual reprocessing cost is low, average, or high.

This is a conservative estimate that includes common reprocessing costs but not all.*

  • PPE for personnel
  • Bedside precleaning
  • HLD (high-level disinfection) in an AER (automated endoscope reprocessor)
  • Drying and storage
  • Leak testing
  • Manual cleaning
  • Visual inspection

*Does not include costs associated with repairs by reprocessing technicians, reprocessing due to exceeding hangtime, or the cost of disposing of materials used during reprocessing.

Ofstead, C.L., et al. “A Glimpse at the True Cost of Reprocessing Endoscopes: Results of a Pilot Project.” 2017.


$101.43 per procedure with reusable scopes

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Preventable infections


The risk of infection is greater with reusable bronchoscopes. With cross contamination and subsequent infection rates considered, this is the estimated number of infections and the estimated annual cost of treatment.*

*Per Terjesen, C.L., et al. “Early Assessment of the Likely Cost Effectiveness of Single-Use Flexible Video Bronchoscopes.” PharmacoEconomics Open (2017). 1:133-141. Cost of treatment per infection is $28,383. Rate of cross contamination is 3.34 percent of total bronchoscopy procedures annually. Rate of subsequent infection is 21.25 percent of cross-contaminated bronchoscopy procedures annually.


Estimated number of infections due to cross contamination:
Estimated annual treatment cost:

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