About Verathon

Clarity is Power

In the moments that matter most, we believe a new perspective can change everything, and that the best health care begins with greater clarity.

Our Mission

We are Verathon. We are proud to deliver innovative and specialized medical solutions that empower healthcare providers to improve and extend patients’ lives.

What We Are All About

We operate with a singular focus of empowering healthcare professionals to better serve their patients. Our unique products and services help clinicians see the hidden realities of the human body, giving them insights they need to optimize patient care.

For us, it starts with people: our team, our customers, and the patients they serve. Our innovation is based on finding new ways to offer simplicity where complexity exists. We also look for opportunities to increase the velocity of patient care, ultimately providing solutions that improve and extend patients’ lives.


We are a medical technology company, but we know that people are at the center of everything we do. Our specialized medical solutions are inspired by the needs of the people they benefit most – the patients receiving care and the clinicians tasked with providing it.


Healthcare is a fast-paced and often chaotic environment. Our goal is to be easy to do business with, while keeping our products focused. This allows our customers to operate with clinical simplicity and emphasis on what they care about most – taking care of their patients.


Our goal is to innovate and improve the velocity of care through our strong customer relationships. We prioritize speed, direction, and discipline to deliver clarity; helping clinicians ensure that patient health is not compromised by the threat of delay or stagnation.

Where We Have Been

We began as a start-up in 1984. Today we are a global medical device leader, operating in over 60 countries. We joined the Roper Technologies family (US ticker symbol ROP) in December 2009. Our three core brands: GlideScope®, BFlex and BladderScan® have achieved worldwide recognition as industry leaders in the airway management, single-use bronchoscopy, and bladder volume measurement device markets.


We developed the first video laryngoscope in 1999 and have since become the global market leader in video laryngoscope solutions. Today we offer a broad range of tools that include visualization systems, single-use and reusable blades, stylets, stats and video batons to support a variety of workflows and specialties.


We introduced BFlex bronchoscopes in 2019. Since then, we have expanded the range of the BFlex product line to support a variety of patient types and procedures. BFlex single-use bronchoscopes combine the convenience and accessibility of single-use tools with the performance you expect from a reusable bronchoscope. Paired with GlideScope, BFlex delivers the industry’s first total airway solution.


We pioneered the field of ultrasound bladder volume measurement in 1984, and over the years we have offered solutions that minimize hospital acquired infections and optimize efficiency for users everywhere. Since then, we evolved the market to be the first to introduce an artificial intelligence technology, ImageSense®, leveraging real-world data to consistently detect and define bladder location, size and shape.

Where We Are Going

We are makers, designers, engineers, marketers, manufacturers, and salespeople working in the medical device space. Our common goal is to create the most innovative tools in airway management, bronchoscopy, and specialized imaging to uncover the hidden realities of the human body. We believe that when the only certainty is uncertainty, clarity is power.

Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team is passionate about growing Verathon, building a unique culture and serving our customers that make a difference in thousands of peoples’ lives every day.

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Verathon 7 Values

Our Verathon 7 core values define who we are as a company and provide a clear direction for where we are headed. They are the guiding force for everything we do.

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