Airway Management and Bronchoscopy Procedures 

Act with confidence during routine intubations, difficult or emergent airways, and bronchoscopy procedures with crisp images

Advanced Airway Visualization System
Portable, Handheld Video Larynoscopy System
GlideScope Video Monitor

Across Anesthesiology, Critical Care,
and Emergency Medicine

Advanced Airway Visualization System

GlideScope® Core is the most comprehensive and flexible airway visualization system for video laryngoscopy, bronchoscopy and dual-view airway procedures. It is designed around a 15” HD, touchscreen monitor and advanced workstation to deliver timely and efficient patient care from routine procedures to emergent situations.

Portable, Handheld Video Larynoscopy System

GlideScope® Go is a portable, easy to use, high-resolution video laryngoscopy system. It delivers clarity on a 3.5” monitor and is ideal for use in small spaces, routine or emergent procedures, and whenever your environment demands mobility.

GlideScope Video Monitor

The GlideScope® Video Monitor (GVM) has been used to help clinicians secure airways since 2013 and offers a full color view on a compact, 6.4” display for airway management in select markets.


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GlideScope Core is compatible with GlideScope's extensive portfolio of video larngoscopes and BFlex™ bronchoscopes.  It is available with a
15-inch or 10-inch HD monitor along with an advanced mobile workstation to streamline workflows in the OR, ICU, and ED.

For portability, GlideScope Go delivers clear views of the airway on a 3.5-inch monitor with vertical tilt and an anti-glare screen.
It is compatible with Spectrum™ single-use video laryngoscopes for standardization across systems and departments.

In select markets, GVM’s simple, intuitive interface with a compact, 6.4-inch display is compatible with single-use and reusable video laryngoscopes
along with BFlex single-use bronchoscopes. Mounting options are available for mobility and convenience. 

GlideScope Core

GlideScope Go

GlideScope Video Monitor

Full Color, Wide Field of View

High-Definition Monitor

Touch-Screen Display

Video Laryngoscopy


Dual-View Capability

SpO2 and Pulse Rate Reading*

Snapshot Image Capture

Video Recording

Patient Notes & Annotation Capability

Advanced Mobile Workstation

Video Laryngoscopy + Bronchoscopy

GlideScope with BFlex delivers brilliant, dual bronchoscopy and video laryngoscopy imaging for difficult airway management. Now you have more options to manage routine procedures and respond to emergent situations quickly and confidently.