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When Conditions Are Less Than Ideal

Messy airways. Constant vibration. Tight spaces. Intubating in the field isn’t for the faint of heart. GlideScope offers a portable, durable video laryngoscope with a wide variety of blade options designed for rapid, first-pass success.

When Every Second Counts

With GlideScope, you have immediate access to a wide variety of tools to visualize and secure an airway in one comprehensive system. From our signature hyperangulated blades to more traditional Mac and Miller style options, GlideScope offers the broadest range of video laryngoscope blade choices to accommodate a broad range of patients. And when needed, BFlex single-use bronchoscopes can be used with video laryngoscopes for more options when your patient needs you most.

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GlideScope® Core

GlideScope Core is the most comprehensive and flexible airway visualization system for video laryngoscopy, bronchoscopy and dual-view airway procedures.

GlideScope® Go

GlideScope Go is the portable, easy to use, high-resolution video laryngoscopy system from GlideScope.

GlideScope® Spectrum

GlideScope Spectrum single-use video laryngoscopes combine low profile blades with the latest advancements in lighting and camera technology.

BFlex Bronchoscopes

BFlex is a single-use bronchoscope designed with exceptional image quality and maneuverability for difficult airways and bronchoscopy procedures.


Watch the videos below to see video laryngoscopes and bronchoscopes in use.

Video Laryngoscopy with a Hyperangulated Blade

Dr. Rich Levitan, the inventor of the Airway Cam and a leading authority in video laryngoscopy, demonstrates his hyperangulated blade technique and guides you through a successful intubation.

A Brighter Vision in
Single-use Bronchoscopy

Single-use bronchoscopy and video laryngoscopy in one mobile system.
Easier intubation. Quick action.
Streamlined workflow.