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Verathon Launches Bladderscan i10 Empowering Users With Accelerated Workflow and Dependability

June 2, 2021 (Bothell, WA) – Verathon®, a leading global medical device company and pioneer of ultrasound bladder volume measurement, today announced the release of BladderScan i10, its next generation in bladder volume measuring technology.


BladderScan i10 empowers users with new capabilities that further enhance leadership in ease of use and dependability. Additionally, the product safeguards clinical confidence through ImageSense, Verathon’s proprietary AI deep learning technology.


Building upon more than 30 years success of the BladderScan product range, BladderScan i10 improves hospital workflows by being paired with a quiet-glide workstation featuring a 360-degree handle for easy positioning. In addition to being optimized for busy hospital corridors, the product includes single-handed probe docking that enables clinicians to focus on the patient. BladderScan i10 also streamlines patient care workflows by introducing a barcode scanning charting tool that simplifies patient record data entry.


BladderScan i10 minimizes downtime with onboard charging, a user-replaceable battery, and a grounds-up tough and ready design including custom medical grade materials designed to meet the new realities of infection control. The product reduces exposure to unexpected costs by protecting against spills of disinfectants and other substances by including a rugged, IPX4 probe and drip-resistant IPX2 console.


“Verathon’s bladder volume measurement technology has a long history of innovation and partnering with clinical professionals around the world.” said Jamie Valliant, Vice President and General Manager, Imaging & Scanning Solutions of Verathon. “Our products are built to last and excel in taxing 24/7 acute care operating environments. BladderScan i10 delivers meaningful advances with trusted accuracy for every user, accelerated workflow, and tough and ready dependability to protect your investment.”


The ImageSense AI algorithm is trained using real-world patient data to auto-locate the bladder in real-time. ImageSense combined with VMODE technology enables clinicians to accurately measure bladder volume with one point-and-click step, in less than five seconds. This assures clinicians of the accuracy of every bladder measurement while also improving clinician efficiency in documenting patient bladder health.


Tried and Tested Service Delivering ROI

BladderScan i10 comes with the same level of partnership that Verathon customers have depended upon for decades including full line technical support and a comprehensive warranty and service offering covering all damage and failures associated with the probe and console. Clients can maximize ROI through on-site training, software updates, and fleet management services. For more information visit,


About Verathon

Verathon is a global medical device company dedicated to innovation in two core fields: Bladder Management (BladderScan®) and Respiratory and Surgical Solutions (GlideScope®). Our mission is to provide innovative and specialized medical solutions that empower healthcare providers to improve and extend patients’ lives. Verathon has long been at the forefront of point-of-care bladder volume measurement, and we continue to be a leader within the space. Over the past 30 years, we have offered a range of enduring solutions engineered to minimize infection, optimize efficiency and reduce cost. Our latest BladderScan device, BladderScan® Prime Plus, leverages our second-generation artificial intelligence, deep learning platform, ImageSense. ImageSense enables greater ease-of-use and accuracy by reducing patient and user variables to consistently and efficiently locate the bladder and measure its volume with just the click of a button. At Verathon, we are deeply invested in the success of our customers, and we look forward to working with you. Verathon, a subsidiary of Roper Technologies, is headquartered in Bothell, Washington, and has global offices in Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia. For more information, please visit


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