Groundbreaking accuracy.
A streamlined workflow.
And support that begins
even before the purchase.

The Right Device for
Every Environment

Verathon pioneered bladder volume measurement, and our BladderScan systems continue to lead the industry. Reduce the risk of infections, save time and reduce costs with the BladderScan system that’s right for you.


Hands-On Training and
Resources to Maximize Usage

When you partner with Verathon, you get dedicated,
local support and consultation — as well as a wealth
of clinical resources — to keep your staff up to speed
and enable you to use the BladderScan system to its
fullest potential.


Services and Support to
Maximize Uptime and
Minimize Cost

Support and trust should never be optional. Work with
our local team to analyze your needs and build a service
and fleet management plan that is right for you.