Powered by ImageSense—a groundbreaking algorithm harnessing real-world clinical data, deep learning, and artificial intelligence technology—setting a new standard in accuracy:

+/- 7.5% on volumes greater than 100 mL
+/- 7.5 mL on volumes less than 100 mL

ImageSense™ automatically analyzes over 900 lines of scan data per scan to precisely and consistently detect and define bladder location, size, and shape. It compares input to our deep learning network to trace bladder boundaries segment by segment, across 12 planes—automatically calculating 3D volume across all patient types and anatomies with unprecedented accuracy.*

ImageSense, combined with VMODE® automated 3D volume acquisition, requires no manual probe fanning, minimizes user error, and optimizes workflow.

*Accuracy specifications, compared to previous BladderScan systems, assume Prime Plus is being used in accordance with stated instructions, scanning a tissue-equivalent phantom.

ImageSense In Action

ImageSense views ultrasound images and surrounding tissue as a whole, comparing input to the network to determine bladder wall borders. It then traces those boundaries segment by segment, across 12 planes—automatically calculating 3D volume.

The Prime Plus user interface makes scanning easier and faster than ever, automatically adapting to different patient modes, such as male, female, and small child.

5 year warranty (USA & Canada Only)