Certainty with Every Scan and
Every Patient

ImageSense technology enables BladderScan® to give clinicians the trusted measurements they need.

When you are making decisions that help prevent infection, you need certainty in measuring bladder volume. Every time. ImageSense, a proprietary Verathon® Artificial Intelligence algorithm, leverages real-world data to deliver certainty in decision making — automatically.

ImageSense consistently detects and defines bladder location, size, and shape across all adult and pediatric patient types and anatomies, with intuitive interfaces to guide users every step of the way:

  • BladderTraqfor real-time auto-location of the bladder

  • VMODE® technology to enable clinicians of varying skill levels to accurately measure bladder volume with one point-and-click step, in less than five seconds

When critical decisions are made, ImageSense is a critical advantage.


ImageSense In Action

ImageSense views ultrasound images and surrounding tissue as a whole, comparing input to the embedded neural network to determine bladder wall borders. It then traces those boundaries segment by segment, across 12 planes — automatically calculating 3D volume.

The BladderScan i10 and Prime Plus user interfaces make scanning easier and faster than ever, automatically adapting to different patient modes, such as male, female, and small child.


Artificial Intelligence in Bladder Volume