GlideScope® SpectrumTM Single-use video laryngoscopes combine fully disposable low profile blades with the latest advancements in lighting and camera technology.

LoPro S4

Designed for 1st Pass Success

With the Spectrum system, seven blade sizes enable quick intubations across a wide range of patient types, weights, and clinical settings. The LoPro blades offer the signature GlideScope blade angulation and cover a patient range from neonate to large adult. The DirectView MAC blades extend system flexibility, incorporating the look and feel of traditional MAC blades with the confidence of a GlideScope.

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7 Single-use Blades

A wide array of blades — the angulated LoPro S1, S2, our new S2.5, S3 and S4 combine the performance of a GlideScope blade with the convenience of a disposable instrument. The DirectView MAC S3 and S4 provide the familiarity of a Macintosh-style blade with the confidence of a GlideScope.

  • LoPro S1
  • LoPro S2
  • LoPro S2.5
  • LoPro S3
  • LoPro S4
  • DVM S3
  • DVM S4

More of the light you want, less of the light you don’t

Spectrum, the newest generation GlideScope® single-use video laryngoscope, features cutting-edge advances in lighting and camera technology and offers a comprehensive range of sizes for your smallest to largest patients.


    Enables a 166% increase* in the brightness of the vocal cords — maximizing
    image quality.


    Improves image quality with a 29% reduction* in excess light within the image.


    These fully disposable blades are compatible with our GlideScope cart-based
    system and the portable GlideScope® GoTM.

*Comparing the first generation single-use LoPro S3 vs. Spectrum LoPro S3.

Compatible Systems

  • GlideScope Go

  • NEW! GlideScope Core

  • GlideScope Video Monitor