Spectrum Single-Use Video Laryngoscopes

GlideScope® Spectrum Single-Use video laryngoscopes combine low profile blades with the latest advancements in lighting and camera technology.

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LoPro S4

Designed for 1st Pass Success

With the Spectrum system, nine blade sizes enable quick intubations across a wide range of patient types and clinical settings. The LoPro video laryngoscopes offer the signature GlideScope angulation and low profile blades. The DirectView MAC and Miller blades extend system flexibility, incorporating the look and feel of traditional direct laryngoscopy blades with the confidence of a GlideScope.

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GlideScope offers the widest range
of single-use video laryngoscopes

9 single-use video laryngoscopes — the angulated LoPro S1, S2, S2.5, S3, S4 combine the performance of a GlideScope video laryngoscope with the convenience of a single-use instrument. The DirectView MAC S3 and S4 and our newest Miller S0 and S1 blades provide the familiarity of a direct laryngoscopy-style blade with the confidence of a GlideScope.

  • LoPro S3
  • LoPro S4
  • DVM S3
  • DVM S4
  • LoPro S1
  • LoPro S2
  • LoPro S2.5
  • Miller S0
  • Miller S1

Video Section

Video Laryngoscopy with a Hyperangulated Blade
Dr. Rich Levitan, MD
Video Laryngoscopy with a Mac-Style Blade
Dr. Rich Levitan, MD

Signature Features

  • Dynamic Light Control®

    Optimizes image quality and brightness at the vocal cords

  • Ambient Light Reduction®

    Diminishes excess reflected light by eliminating plastic blade covers

  • Single-use

    Minimize the risk of cross contamination with single-use video laryngoscopes

  • Efficient workflow

    Use one cable for all Spectrum video laryngoscopes. Improves time between blade changes by 60%*.

    *Versus the GlideScope AVL Single-Use System when switching between sizes 1 or 2 to sizes 3 or 4

† Measurement of forces applied during Macintosh direct laryngoscopy compared with GlideScope video laryngoscopy.
Russell T, Khan S, Elman J, Katznelson R, Cooper RM. Anaesthesia. 2012 Jun; 67(6):626-31.
doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2044.2012.07087.x. Epub 2012 Feb 21.

‡ Height at camera comparison of the LoPro S3 to GVL 3 Stat

Compatible Systems

  • GlideScope Go

  • GlideScope Core

  • GlideScope Video Monitor