Introducing GlideScope® GoTM, the new portable, easy to use, high-resolution video laryngoscopy system from GlideScope.

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Portability without Compromise

Get the confidence of GlideScope® whenever and wherever you need it, with the portable GlideScope® GoTM—the new handheld system created for both hospital and pre-hospital settings.

Intubate routine and difficult airways with the handheld
system designed for rapid, first-pass success.


Get more of the light you want and less of light you don’t. GlideScope® GoTM delivers a high-resolution image powered by the latest advancements in lighting and camera technology, including Dynamic Light Control® and Ambient Light Reduction®, for enhanced airway views.


Compact, durable, easy to charge and
always ready on demand, GlideScope®
GoTM is ideal for use in small spaces,
emergent procedures and whenever
your environment demands mobility.


Reach a wide range of patients in the smallest spaces.

Access the portfolio of GlideScope® single-use blades and stats—each compatible with your GlideScope cart-based
system—and generate clear airway views on patients ranging from neonates to large adults.

  • GVL 3
  • GVL 4
  • LoPro S1
  • LoPro S2
  • LoPro S2.5
  • LoPro S3
  • LoPro S4
  • DVM S3
  • DVM S4

GlideScope Go Features

  • Single-use blades and stats to support infection control initiatives
  • 3.5″ landscape, color display with vertical tilt adjustment for maximum flexibility
  • Easy to use and easy to train, with on/off button and intuitive display
  • Hot-swappable functionality enables blade changes without powering down
  • Integrated battery charges to 80% in 2 hours and delivers a minimum of 100 minutes of continuous use on a full charge
  • Automatic recording with removable micro-USB drive
  • Scratch-resistant screen with anti-glare coating for reliable clarity in any environment
  • Fully submersible video monitor and battery to simplify cleaning
  • Dynamic Light Control® and Ambient Light Reduction® for enhanced airway views
  • Operates on corded, external power should battery be discharged
  • Remaining Charge indicator eliminates guessing
  • Rugged design ensures functionality even when dropped from 4 feet
  • IP67 rating ensures full dust protection and reliable operation in wet conditions
  • Backed by a full warranty and customer support

Video Baton 2.0 with GlideScope Go

GlideScope Go Charging Cradle

GlideScope Go is compatible with Spectrum fully disposable,
single-use blades and GVL single-use stats