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The documents below outline the compatible reprocessing products for GlideScope and GlideRite…
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Recycling Program
Divert waste away from landfills with the Sharps Compliance TakeAway Recycle System.
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Verathon Healthcare Community,
  With the complex and fast-changing COVID-19 pandemic, we know you are concerned about…
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Bladder Management Pathway Protocol
A bladder management protocol using bladder ultrasound to determine the need for urinary…
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5 Bladder Scanner Myths Buyers Should Leave Behind
This white paper dispels the most common myths around bladder scanners so you can make a clear…
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Videolaryngoscope Assisted Fiberoptic Bronchoscopy for Difficult Intubation in Upper Airway Cancer
Recent publications have shown evidence that use of high resolution digital video laryngoscope (VLS…
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A Glimpse at the True Cost of Reprocessing Endoscopes: Results of a Pilot Project
In light of recent outbreaks of infection tied to contaminated flexible endoscopes, several…
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Indwelling Urinary Catheters. A Step-By-Step Clinical Pathway for Bladder Management
A comprehensive Clinical Pathway for Bladder Management.  
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Managing Urinary Retention in the Acute Care Environment
The purpose of this acute care clinical manual is to assist clinicians in the management of urinary…
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Video Laryngoscopy Post COVID-19
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, airway management guidelines in many countries have recommended video…