Limit the Spread of Superbugs with Single-use Bronchoscopes

A growing body of evidence supports the use of certain single-use flexible bronchocopes (SFB) per the published abstract1 by John Garrett in October 2021 that was presented at the CHEST Annual Meeting which concluded:

"... the use of a sterile SFB should be considered to eliminate reprocessing failures, improve overall operational efficiency, and reduce potential acquisition of healthcare-associated infections."

This information comes after the recent safety communication and guideline updates made by the FDA for recommending single-use bronchoscopes for COVID-19 patients or in cases where there is increased risk of spreading infection.2 Furthermore, there was a previously published CHEST abstract by Mehta and Muscarella2 in April 2019, who presented the following:

"This study's findings suggest that... the cleaning and high-level disinfection of bronchoscopes performed in accordance with published guidelines and manufacturer instructions may not always be sufficiently effective to eliminate this risk."

During this infection-sensitive time, you can reduce the risk of cross-contamination with BFlex single-use bronchoscopes, which eliminate reprocessing and the associated time and cost.


1. John Garrett. (2021). Sterile, Single-use bronchocopes Reduces Associated Readmission Rates and Infection Risk: A Retrospective Clinical Analysis. Volume 16-, Issue 4, Supplement, A516, October 01, 2021. DOI:
2. FDA Safety Communication, June 25, 2021: Flexible Bronchoscopes and Updated Recommendations for Reprocessing
3. Mehta A.C. & Muscarella L.F. (2020). Bronchoscope-Related "Superbug" Infections. Chest. 2020; 157(2): 454-469.

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