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Verathon Expands Single-use Bronchoscopy Portfolio With Glidescope Bflex 5.8

September 3, 2019 (Bothell, WA) — With the launch of the new GlideScope® BFlex™ 5.8 single-use flexible bronchoscope, Verathon expands its bronchoscopy portfolio — and further reinforces the company’s position as a global leader in airway and pulmonary management. BFlex™ is a single-use bronchoscope designed with exceptional image quality and maneuverability for difficult airways and bronchoscopy procedures. The new BFlex 5.8 features a 3.0 mm working channel, the largest of any single-use bronchoscope, to provide efficient suctioning in challenging bronchoscopy cases. The BFlex 5.8 joins the BFlex 5.0 to provide accessible bronchoscopy and airway management across Intensive Care Units, Operating Rooms, and Emergency Departments.

An increasing number of medical providers are integrating single-use airway management tools to reduce the risks of cross-contamination and eliminate the financial costs and loss of efficiency associated with reprocessing materials. “Reusable bronchoscopes must be reprocessed after each use or when they haven’t been used for a period of time,” says Tim Shauf, Vice President & General Manager of Respiratory and Surgical Solutions at Verathon, “In addition to the high costs of reprocessing and repairing reusable scopes – some studies estimate costs upward of $300 per procedure – single-use scopes provide an optimal image every time. With reusable bronchoscopes, repeated reprocessing can cause noticeable degradation of the scope and camera. With BFlex, users have a new bronchoscope for each procedure – one that is always ready and provides excellent image quality without deterioration over time.”

BFlex connects to Verathon’s newest monitor, GlideScope® Core™, the first airway visualization system to offer multimodal imaging capability, giving you the power to view the airway via a GlideScope video laryngoscope and bronchoscope – simultaneously. Everything you need, accessible in one system, designed to work seamlessly together for more effective airway management. Going forward, Verathon will continue to expand the BFlex portfolio with additional sizes.

This multi-modal imaging functionality is part of Verathon’s larger strategy to help create a more efficient and effective environment for airway management. According to Earl Thompson, Verathon’s President, “In the past, providers have had to set aside space for two separate systems and two separate monitors,” he says. “In addition to creating an integrated workspace with greater efficiency, Verathon has also made it possible for clinicians to treat emergent and difficult airways even more effectively.”

More information about the GlideScope BFlex 5.8 bronchoscope — and the entire Verathon portfolio of airway management products — can be found at

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Verathon is a global medical device company focused on supporting customers by being their trusted partner, delivering high-quality products that endure over time and ensure clinical and economic utility. Two areas where Verathon has significantly impacted patient care, and become the market leader in each, are bladder volume measurement and airway management. The company’s BladderScan portable ultrasound and GlideScope® video laryngoscopy systems effectively address unmet needs for healthcare providers and meaningfully raise the standard of care for patients. Verathon, a subsidiary of Roper Technologies, is headquartered in Bothell, Washington, and has international subsidiaries in Canada, Europe and Asia. For more information, please visit

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