GlideScope leading in airway management GlideScope leading in airway management

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    Inventors of Video Laryngoscopes

    Inventors of Video Laryngoscopes

    GlideScope was the first to introduce the video laryngoscope in 1999 with the support of Dr. Jack Pacey. We continue to be a market leader offering the broadest portfolio of single-use video laryngoscopes with the latest advancements in lighting and camera technology.

    An Extended Portfolio of Tools

    An Extended Portfolio of Tools

    Suitable for a variety of patients and procedures. GlideScope video laryngoscopes are available in a broad range of types and sizes. Our video laryngoscopes are offered together with a complete line of single-use bronchoscopes, and a wide range of monitors, from 3.5" portable systems to our 15" Total Airway Solution. BFlex™ single-use bronchoscopes are available in multiple sizes for intubations, suction and lung isolation procedures (with BFlex 3.8).

    Designed for First Pass Success

    Designed for First Pass Success

    Enabling improved laryngeal exposure1, lower lift force on patients2, and higher first-pass success rates3,4,5 across a wide range of patient types and clinical settings, GlideScope video laryngoscopes are designed to support you with proven clinical performance.

    The Total Airway Solution
    Video Laryngoscopy + Bronchoscopy

    GlideScope with BFlex delivers brilliant, dual bronchoscopy and video laryngoscopy imaging for difficult airway management. Now you have more options to manage routine procedures and respond to emergent situations quickly and confidently.

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    Helpful Information

    Comparison of Video Laryngoscopy versus Direct Laryngoscopy during Urgent Endotracheal Intubation: A Randomized Controlled Trial
    Critical Care Medicine, 2015

    Conclusions from this study: “GlideScope video laryngoscopy improves the first-attempt success rate during urgent endotracheal intubation performed by pulmonary and critical care medicine fellows when compared with direct laryngoscopy."

    Clinical Publication