GlideScope® Video Baton 2.0 Large


GlideScope Video Baton 2.0 Large is a reusable video baton that works with single-use stats to provide a consistently clear, real-time view of the airway.

GlideScope Go

GlideScope Video Monitor


We are continually developing new devices and accessories to meet the demands of your changing environment. Our Video Baton 2.0 Large is compatible with GlideScope Go and the GlideScope Video Monitor, making it easier to use and to purchase products from a trusted single source.

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  • HDMI-like connector enables compatibility with GlideScope Go and the GlideScope Video Monitor (via Spectrum Smart Cable).
  • Video Baton 2.0 Large features an updated flange for easier grip during stat disconnection and disposal.
  • Video Baton 2.0 Large incorporates our Reveal™ anti-fog mechanism with a rapid heating profile to resist lens fogging.

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Video Baton 2.0 Large uses the same cost-effective, single-use stats you may already be using. Our stats help with infection control initiatives, potentially lowering the cost of hospital readmissions.

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