Image Management

Scan Point image management software provides viewing, printing, and HIPAA-compliant online storage of patient exams, including images and voice annotations, generated from clinical use of AortaScan® and BladderScan® medical devices.*

Scan Point lets you link your patients, exams, and electronic health record systems (EHRs) through easy-to-use onscreen interfaces.

* Not available for BVI 3000

Scan Point® Components

  • Scan Point Docking Station – Please note that the Scan Point Docking Station ships with the instrument. (See individual instrument model for component photo)
  • Scan Point Software Installation and In-Service CD – includes:
    • Software installation files
    • Manuals
  • Supports HIPAA-compliant, secure access to exam records
  • Provides a comprehensive view of individual patient exam results from multiple Scan Point-enabled instruments, allowing physicians to quickly and easily track progress of treatment
  • Generates PDFs of exam records in multiple formats for patient records or reimbursement
  • Designed to accommodate the needs of:
    • Clinical users (physicians and nurses)
    • Technical users (biomedical technicians)
    • Team administrators
    • Document security officers
    • Patient administrators
  • Can be configured to notify biomedical technicians via e-mail of upcoming instrument calibration dates
  • Fully localized user interface available in:
    • English
    • Chinese
    • French
    • German
    • Spanish

Scan Point Service Plans

  • Scan Point Service Plans can be tailored to suit your needs and may include:
    • Scan Point Online Service, for archiving patient exam records, EHR connectivity, Verathon® Customer Care support, calibration, and online software updates
    • Scan Point available as single or enterprise-wide license
    • Device warranty coverage includes Scan Point access

Scan Point FAQ

Is it possible to send BladderScan exam data to EMR systems?

  • Some BladderScan instruments, such as 6000 series and 9000 series devices, can deliver exam data to various EMR systems through the Scan Point Image Management System. To learn more about this feature, please refer to the appropriate Operations and Maintenance Manual (available at, or visit Scan

Is calibration required on BladderScan instruments?

  • Periodic calibration of BladderScan instruments is required to ensure accurate exam results. The required frequency of calibration depends on your Total Reliability service plan. For calibration requirements specific to your BladderScan instrument, please refer to the appropriate Operations and Maintenance Manual, available at

Can BladderScan instruments be calibrated on site?

  • Yes. If you have the calibration kit and Scan Point with QuickPrint, you can easily and quickly calibrate your own BladderScan instruments. You may also send your instruments to a Verathon service center.

Is the Scan Point Image Management System required to use a BVI 6100 or BVI 6400 instrument? 

  • No, the Scan Point Image Management System is not required to operate a BVI 6000-series instrument.