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Verathon Launches Bflex 3.8, Offering Complete Single-use Bronchoscopy Portfolio

May 14, 2020 (Bothell, WA) — Verathon, a global leader in airway management solutions, today announced the introduction of the GlideScope® BFlex™ 3.8 bronchoscope. With this launch, Verathon now offers three sizes of single-use bronchoscopes. The GlideScope BFlex 3.8 bronchoscope accommodates down to a 35 French double lumen tube for lung isolation procedures, and down to a 5.0 millimeter endotracheal tube for airway management.

Verathon Expands Single-use Bronchoscopy Portfolio With Glidescope Bflex 5.8

September 3, 2019 (Bothell, WA) — With the launch of the new GlideScope® BFlex™ 5.8 single-use flexible bronchoscope, Verathon expands its bronchoscopy portfolio — and further reinforces the company’s position as a global leader in airway and pulmonary management. BFlex™ is a single-use bronchoscope designed with exceptional image quality and maneuverability for difficult airways and bronchoscopy procedures.

Verathon Enters Single Use Bronchoscopy Market With Introduction of Glidescope Bflex

January 9, 2019 (Bothell, WA) — Verathon, a global leader in airway management devices, is reinforcing its commitment to innovation with the introduction of the GlideScope® BFlex™, a single-use flexible bronchoscope that delivers optimal visibility and maneuverability for routine airway and bronchoscopy procedures. BFlex is compatible with recent GlideScope video monitors, including the new GlideScope® Core™.

Verathon Launches All-new Glidescope Core Airway Visualization System

January 3, 2019 (Bothell, WA) — Verathon, a global leader in airway management devices, has announced the debut of GlideScope® Core™, the most comprehensive and flexible airway visualization system available for video laryngoscopy, bronchoscopy and multimodal airway procedures.

Verathon Expands Reach of Video-guided Laryngoscopy With Extension of Glidescope™ Go Product Line

October 18, 2018 (Bothell, WA) — Verathon Inc, developer of industry-leading GlideScope™ video laryngoscopy systems, today announced a product extension which brings even greater functionality to its GlideScope Go™ handheld monitor. GlideScope Go, currently compatible with Verathon’s Spectrum fully disposable imaging blades, offers healthcare facilities an airway management solution that is portable, durable, and easy to use.


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April, 28 2023 - April, 30 2023

Chicago, IL

AACN/NTI: American Society of Critical-Care Nurses

May, 22 2023 - May, 24 2023

Philadelphia, PA

AAMI: Association for Advancement of Medical Instrumentation

June, 16 2023 - June, 19 2023

Long Beach, CA

CHEST: American College of Chest Physicians

October, 08 2023 - October, 11 2023

Oahu, Hawaii