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Total Airway Solution Testimonial
Total Airway Solution Video
Are You Up-to-date on the Standards for Reprocessing Endoscopes?
Recommendations and guidelines for the reprocessing of certain endoscopes types have changed in…
4 Misconceptions about the Environmental Impact of Single-use Bronchoscopes
With over 5 million tons of medical waste being disposed of annually1, we’re very aware of the…
Dual View Technique with Glidescope Monitor
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BFlex Intubation
Clinical Publications
Consensus guidelines for managing the airway in patients with COVID-19
Severe acute respiratory syndrome-corona virus-2, which causes coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19…
Instructional Videos
BFlex 5.8 for the ICU
David Edwards, Bronchoscopy Market Manager at Verathon, shows how the BFlex 5.8 single-use…
Instructional Videos
BFlex in the OR
David Edwards, Bronchoscopy Market Manager at Verathon, shows how BFlex 3.8 single-use bronchoscope…
Clinical Publications
Multimodal Airway Management: Combining Advanced Airway Techniques Can Be Better
Multimodal airway approaches are being designed as a response to unusual difficult airway cases.…