Bladderscan i10
BladderScan i10

Accuracy for Every User

Powered by ImageSense, Verathon’s groundbreaking artificial intelligence technology, BladderScan i10 empowers users to consistently scan with an accuracy of ± 7.5% on volumes greater than 100 mL (or ± 7.5 mL on volumes less than 100 mL) on ranges 0-999 mL* across all adult and pediatric patient types and anatomies — automatically.

*Accuracy specifications assume BladderScan i10 is being used in accordance with   stated instructions, scanning a tissue-equivalent phantom.​
BladderScan i10

The Bladder Scanner for Accelerated Workflow

ImageSense, combined with VMODE probe technology, automatically measures bladder volume in seconds. A simple charting tool easily transfers results to any electronic healthcare record system. And a quiet glide workstation offers easy positioning and single-handed probe docking to let you stay focused on your patient.

BladderScan i10

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Tough and Ready Dependability

BladderScan i10 is designed and built for continuous operation in the taxing hospital environment, with durable construction and innovative design features including:

  • Custom-blended medical grade materials to withstand fast-kill disinfectants
  • Fully-sealed IPX4-rated probe
  • IPX2-sealed, drip-resistant console to protect electronics
  • No maintenance calibration needed
  • CaliScan™ probe diagnostics
  • Both onboard charging and user-swappable battery so the system is always ready when you need it

Certainty in Your Bladder Scanner Investment

Verathon enhances the value of BladderScan i10 with exceptional support to keep costs to a minimum over the life of your device.

  • Comprehensive warranty and service plans covering all damage and failures associated with the probe and console
  • Complimentary on-site training, software updates and fleet management services 
  • Technical support and customer service teams on call to augment your on-site support
BladderScan i10

EHR Charting Without IT Hassle

BladderScan i10 includes simple software that lets users record the exam result using barcode wands already connected to their electronic healthcare records systems. There is no IT network connection or new IT equipment required.

BladderScan i10
BladderScan i10

5 Bladder Scanner Myths Buyers Should Leave Behind

This white paper dispels the most common myths around bladder scanners so you can make a clear choice when it comes time for your next equipment investment.