Bladder Volume

The BladderScan BVI 6400 bladder volume instrument, with VMODE® technology, is a portable 3D ultrasound device that quickly, accurately, and noninvasively measures urinary bladder volume and post-void residual (PVR) in adult patients to help health care providers diagnose, manage, and treat urinary outflow dysfunction.

bladderscan® bvi 6400 Components

  • Easy-to-use, handheld probe that offers aiming assistance
  • Combined Scan Point® Docking Station/Charging Cradle
  • Scan Point Image Management Software Install CD
  • Ultrasound gel
  • Optional in-service session to train staff
  • One-year warranty
  • Educational Material
  • BVI 6000 Series In-Service CD—includes:
    • Operations & Maintenance Manual

Bladderscan bvi 6400 FAQ

Is it possible to send BladderScan exam data to EMR systems?

  • Some BladderScan instruments, such as 6000 series and 9000 series devices, can deliver exam data to various EMR systems through the Scan Point Image Management System. To learn more about this feature, please refer to the appropriate Operations and Maintenance Manual (available at, or visit Scan

Can the BladderScan BVI 3000 be used on pediatric patients?

  • The BVI 3000 is not intended or designed for use on pediatric patients. The BVI 9400 instrument, however, has a Small Child mode specifically designed for use on pediatric patients.

Is calibration required on BladderScan instruments?

  • Periodic calibration of BladderScan instruments is required to ensure accurate exam results. The required frequency of calibration depends on your Total Reliability service plan. For calibration requirements specific to your BladderScan instrument, please refer to the appropriate Operations and Maintenance Manual, available at

Can BladderScan instruments be calibrated on site?

  • Yes. If you have the calibration kit and Scan Point with QuickPrint, you can easily and quickly calibrate your own BladderScan instruments. You may also send your instruments to a Verathon service center.

How should I clean and disinfect my BladderScan instrument?

  • BladderScan instruments must be cleaned and disinfected before use and between patient exams. Your instrument may only be cleaned and disinfected by using the approved processes provided in your Operations and Maintenance Manual (available at Cleaning and disinfection methods are recommended based on compatibility with component materials.

Is the BladderScan BVI 6000 series instrument battery replaceable?

  • Yes. If the instrument battery no longer holds a charge, or requires frequent charging, you may order a BladderScan BVI 6000 lithium-ion battery replacement kit. Instructions for replacing the batteries are included in the kit.

Is the Scan Point Image Management System required to use a BVI 6100 or BVI 6400 instrument? 

  • No, the Scan Point Image Management System is not required to operate a BVI 6000-series instrument.

Is it possible to combine a BVI 3000 rolling cart with a BVI 9400 instrument? 

  • BladderScan rolling carts are specifically designed to be used with their respective instruments.

May I buy parts to service BladderScan devices myself?

  • Verathon does not make available any circuit diagrams, component parts lists, descriptions, or other information that would be required to repair the instrument or related accessories. Premium warranty customers have access to a loaner unit and free shipping options that vary according to the service plan. For more information, contact your local Verathon representative or Verathon Customer Care.

May I purchase a second probe for my BladderScan BVI 3000 or BVI 9000 series instrument without buying a second console?

  • Yes. For more information, contact your local Verathon representative or Verathon Customer Care.

Is there a Clinical Competency checklist for users of the BladderScan BVI 3000? 

  • Yes. You may obtain a copy of the In-Service Checklist for the BVI 3000 by contacting your local Verathon representative or Verathon Customer Care.